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​​​Hello OCAD Alumni!

We would like to stay connected with you.  Here in Orange County, and across the county, the success of the Academic Decathlon is dependent upon community volunteers.  Who better to serve as a competition judge or test proctor than someone who has participated in the program and understands what decathlon is all about!  We hope you will register as an OCAD alumni so we can send you OCAD news, including opportunities to be a judge or test proctor.




Please keep in touch! 

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Recent comments from OCAD Alumni... 

  • ​​Academic Decathlon taught me how to read more critically, write more clearly, and think more rigorously about a wide range of disciplines. It taught me the value of grit, as my team and I fought together to achieve our common goals despite the different challenges that each event threw at us. But most important, it taught me to always love learning and to be open to new experiences - no matter how scary or difficult they seem. - Kevin Li - Woodbridge HS - Attended UC San Diego​

  • ​​Few other extra-curricular activities have been as impactful and influential. Joining Academic Decathlon allowed me to refine my studying, writing, oratory, and self-discipline skills. I believe that exploring a theme through a breadth of disciplines is the epitome of a liberal arts education. I am a more well-rounded, educated person today, as a result of OCAD. - Bailey Alding - Pacifica HS - Attended CSU Long Beach

  • Academic Decathlon teaches you how to strike a balance between being an academically inclined individual and an actively involved human being. It is so much more than just an academic competition - it fosters community, citizenship, and social awareness. By having you focus not just on one narrow area of study, but rather across ten vastly different disciplines, academic decathlon helps students prepare for whatever life throws at them. - Elizabeth - Valencia HS - Attended Stanford University

  • Academic Decathlon gives high school students the opportunity to take on a workload comparable to that which might be found in a college setting.  Former decathletes who have immersed themselves in the program will find that they have the discipline and breadth of knowledge to become active learners in any place of higher education.  Academic Decathlon has given me confidence in tackling challenges, camaraderie in academic pursuit, leadership beyond the classroom, and most importantly, memories to endure a lifetime. - Johnny - Westminster HS - Attended UCLA