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Benefits of Program

​​What Makes the Academic Decathlon a Winning Program for Students?

Academic Decathlon...Garden Grove HS 2011

  • Increases academic achievement
  • Improves study habits
  • Fosters teamwork in a learning environment
  • Levels the playing field for students with varying Grade Point Averages
  • Incorporates the arts
  • Develops leaders of the future
  • Cultivates confidence
  • Promotes lifelong learning

In addition, the program...

Teaches real word skills, including:

  • Public speaking
  • Interviewing
  • Analytical writing

Builds 21st century skills (4 C's), including:

  • Critical thinking and creativity
  • Character, grit, work ethic, and perseverance
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Initiative and self direction

Academic Decathlon is the ultimate college prep experience!

Student Success Stories


"OCAD has personally taught me the values of leadership, cooperation, and commitment.  The competition provides a foundation upon which students are able to not only share academic achievement, but also transform teamwork into friendships and develop lifelong skills in public speaking and interviews." - Christina Nguyen, Harvard University


"Decathlon is unforgettable.  It is so much more than an academic competition.  It is understanding yourself as a person and in the eyes of others; it is those late nights with your team who eventually become your family; it is realizing you can do what you set out to do - together." - Khue Tran, University of California, San Diego


"OCAD changed my life.  I began as a troubled sophomore, and left as the Team Captain.  I learned that, like OCAD, life is a series of tests and trials, and we must meet them not only with knowledge and understanding, but with commitment.  It's not only the score on the paper that matters, it is how much we grow and the things we learn about ourselves by rising up to the challenges." - Eric Post, College of William & Mary