​​​​​​​​2020-2021 Resources​​

2019-2020 Resources

2019-20 O​​CAD ​​Schedule - Testing Day Two

2019-20 OCAD Divisions

2019-20 OCAD Coaches Meeting Flyer

2019-20 Curriculum Overview

2019-20 OCAD Curriculum Outline - with percentages​​

2019-20 JV Outline

2019-20 USAD Curriculum Updates

2019-20 US​AD Curriculum Outlines

2019-20 USAD Online Store (Purchase curriculum & study materials)

2019-20 USAD Curriculum and National Standards

2019-20 USAD Curriculum Brochure

2019-20 USAD Curriculum Topics​

General Resources

OCAD Program Info 2019-20

2019-2020 OCAD Coaches Handbook

Calculator Policy

Super Quiz Clicker Training

Team Building Activities

SuperQuiz OCAD 2011 Student Recruitment Flyers​

Student Recruitment flyer 2020

Red White and Blue Theme


General Competition Resources

Essay - Scoring Form/Scantron

Interview - Self-Introduction Guidelines

Interview - Scoring Form/Scantron

Interview-Suggested Questions

Speech - Overview

Speech - Scoring Form/ScantronEmcee SuperQuiz 2011

Speech Timing Cards-Varsity competition (January)

Speech Timing Cards--JV competition (May​)

Test Challenge Form

Written Test - Scoring Form/Scantron (50 Questions)


Websites and Articles

United States Academic Decathlon (USAD)

California Academic Decathlon (CAD)

Academic Decathlon Develops Lifelong Learners

Academic Decathlon Curriculum and the Common Core


 Online Study Resources ​​ - Impromptu Public ​Speaking Topics

Shmoop Economics - A Review of Basic Econ Info - Resources for a Successful Interview - Speechwriting

25 Essential Public Speaking Skills

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