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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2023-2024​ Resources

Academic Decathlon and National Curriculum and Content Standards

Awards Ceremony Flyer - coming Winter 2023!

​​​Divisions Lis​t - coming Winter 2023!


Junior Varsity Competition for 9th/10th Grade 

Marketing Flyer

Student Recruitment Flyer - Technology and Humanity

Student Recruitment Flyer - Red White and Blue Theme

Student Survey 2022-2023 - coming soon!

USAD Curriculum and Content Standards​

USAD Curriculum Updates 

USAD Curriculum Overview  ​

USAD Curriculum Outlines with Percentages​​​ 

SuperQuiz OCAD 2011

USAD Eligibility Guidelines​

USAD Musical Works - 2023-2024

USAD Musical Works - Sources / Download Locations 2023-2024

USAD Online Store (Purcha​se curriculum and study materials​)​

Competition Resources

Calculator Policy

California Academic Decathlon (CAD)​​

Essay - Scoring Form 

Interview - Scoring Form/Scantron

Interview - Sample Questions

Speech - Scoring Form/Scantron

Speech - Timing Cards 

Super Quiz Clicker Training​ (Video Transcript) 

Testing - Scoring Form/Scantron​

United States Academic Decathlon (USAD)