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MTSS Academic Interventions

​​​​​​​​​Our students have a variety of academic strengths and needs. Although many of our students are successful with universal instruction, also known as best-first teaching, ALL of our students deserve to be supported by a Universal Design for Learning and differentiated instruction in order to remain engaged and reach their full potential.  For SOME of our students, a supplemental, temporary intervention is necessary to provide more focused instruction which is directed to specific learning needs.  A FEW of our students require intensive interventions, therefore, it is crucial to utilize research-based instructional practices with the goal of accelerating student progress so they can return and be successful in the core instructional program.  MTSS Academic Interventions serves as a resource to support ALL students in the academic setting.  Aligned to a Multi-Tiered System of Support framework, information is provided on evidence-based resources and instructional strategies in the areas of reading, writing, and math.  To further support educators, valid and reliable assessment tools, professional learning, and resources are also located here.

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​Rebecca Kopecky
Academic Interventions
(714) 966-4312

Administrative Assistant III
(714) 327-1079