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Training Overview

The OCDE Project GLAD® model is a model of professional learning that imbeds the depth and understanding of the rationale behind best practices for language learning and development with practical applications in the classroom.

With the “D” in GLAD® representing “design” we use innovative design practices to ensure that lessons are designed to meet the needs of all students, most intently the needs of our language learners/ emergent bilingual students.

The “D” helps us to design lessons that allows for teaching and learning to come alive, for healthy learning environments to be cultivated and sustain both rigor and fun in the classroom-all while building language through content. 

Whether you choose a professional learning experience within a preschool setting, English, Spanish or secondary, this scope of sequence will be an imbedded part of the learning process.  

Scope and Sequence 

OCDE Project GLAD® Leadership AcademyOCDE Project GLAD® Foundations: Research

OCDE Project GLAD® Foundations:

Classroom Demonstration

Customized Training and Supports 

Leadership Academy is about understanding the why and how of OCDE Project GLAD® implementation and sustainability throughout the state, region, county or District.

*OCDE Project GLAD®s framework

*Meeting the needs of language learner students

*Essential components of successful implementation and sustainability

*Implementation development  

GLAD® Foundations Research and Theory Workshop develops the research, rationale and why in how to provide both universal access and targeted language learner support through OCDE Project GLAD®

* OCDE Project GLAD®s framework

*Meeting the needs of language learner students

*Introduction to strategies


GLAD® Foundations Classroom Demonstration provides a unique classroom experience to observe and engage in the use of the GLAD® model within a live classroom.  Participants will work with a coach to build understanding, practice and deign lessons plans for implementation.

*Applying how to best meet the needs of language learner students

*Deepening on how to use the strategies

*Plan for application and implementation

GLAD® Customized Training and Supports

Provides customized training and support to elevate instruction and implementation.  This differentiated model will encourage collaboration, support, rehearsal of strategies, modeling, co-teaching and potential planning sessions.