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English Learner Roadmap Implementation for Systemic Excellence!


​ELRISE! is a three-year grant awarded to Californians Together in March, 2020, through the California Department of Education Educator Workforce Investment Grant Program (EWIG). There are three main agencies leading the work of EL RISE!: Californians Together, Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL), and Loyola Marymount University's Center for Equity for English Learners (CEEL). Over the next three years, the three agencies will work with and through 20 County Offices of Education who collectively serve 76.7% of the state's English Learners/Emergent Bilinguals —partnering with county offices to develop capacity to support LEAs in making meaning of the English Learner Roadmap principles, understanding their English learner/dual language learner population, becoming familiar with research on dual language development, developing local implementation plans, and implementing those plans across multiple roles and parts of the system.

The OCDE Literacy & Language Team is proud to offer a variety of professional learning opportunities in the 2022-23 school year. ​

Download the 2022-23 EL RISE Interactive Calendar​​ - pdf​​

Upcoming Events for ELRISE!

EL Roadmap Administrator Toolkit series 2022-23

Module 3: Principle 2
Part A | 1/31/23 - Part B | 2/28/23

Module 4: Principle 3

Module 5: Principle 4

Times | 8:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Register here - website | Modules 1-5

Register here - website | Modules 3-5 (District & Site Administrators completed Modules 1-2 Fall 2021)

Download flyer here​ - pdf 

​This series of five modules is designed to support district and site administrators as they take up the challenge of doing all of this to enact the comprehensive English Learner Roadmap.

• Module 1: An orientation to the EL Roadmap, reflection about leading change for English learners, practical tools for planning

• Modules 2 -5: Each session focuses on one of the four Principles of the EL Roadmap, offering readings, talking points, approaches to initiating and supporting dialogue in a school about the principle, tools for observing and assessing the degree of implementation, ways in which an administrator can support research-based practices, practical resources, and action planning.

• In between Modules, administrators are supported with guidance for inquiries to build understanding of the experiences of English learners in their schools, tools to observe practices in their school, activities that can be used to support dialogues and implementation at their site.

Upper Elementary (Grades 4-6) Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy: Creating the Conditions to Prevent LTELs

Dates | 12/7/22 & 1/19/23

Time | 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Register here​ - website

Download flyer here​​ - pdf​

Creating an inclusive, linguistically, and culturally affirming classroom community is a central priority for effectively serving English learners. By providing students with mirrors to positively reflect their intersectional identities and windows to embrace the diversity of our world, we can create classrooms and communities that respond to our students' strengths, needs, socio-emotional health and identities. This two-session webinar series, with embedded pre-session work, focuses on how teachers can enact Principle 1 of the English Learner Roadmap policy in their virtual or in-person classrooms. Teachers will learn specific skills and strategies for leveraging their students' and families' cultural and linguistic assets, celebrating and affirming identity, strengthening classroom community, and facilitating collaborative learning spaces.​​

Integrated and Designated ELD: Elementary Teacher as a Language Coach

Date | 1/25/23

Time | 3:15 - 5:15 p.m.

Register here​ - website

Download flyer here​ - pdf

How can teachers easily and effectively build language proficiency for their EL/DLL students throughout their daily lessons? This two-hour interactive webinar, including one hour of pre-session asynchronous work, provides teachers with a construct and set of practices that can be quickly integrated into existing lessons and practices, including designated ELD. Aligned to Principle #2 of the English Learner Roadmap policy, participants will learn to effectively identify and address the strengths and needs of English learners by providing targeted scaffolds and supports to actively deepen students' use of sophisticated academic language for speaking and writing, tapping into their linguistic genius. Teachers will be prepared with tools and resources that can be implemented the next day in their virtual and in-person classrooms. Our students' brilliance shines through when we create the conditions for educational equity and access.

​English Learner Roadmap Aligned LCAP Toolkit Workshop: Using Research-Based Tools to Promote Equity for English Learners

Session 1 | 2/8/23

Session 2 | 2/22/23

Times | 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Download flyer here​​​ - pdf

​This interactive workshop will help LEA teams design an LCAP that is aligned to the research-based CA English Learner Roadmap policy and focuses on identifying actions, services, programs, and resources that ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for English Learners. Participant will engage with the resources included in the Toolkit and explore the ways they might be used to identify and analyze the needs of their English Learners. Alignment with EL Roadmap principles and elements will be highlighted. Specifically, the English Learner Research Aligned Rubrics will be reviewed to understand how they can be used as a tool to:

  1. Analyze the strengths and limitation of their proposed English Learners programs and services in their existing LCAP.

  2. Prioritize focus areas to refine and bolster future annual LCAP development, refinement,and updates.

Moreover, the training will help LEA teams to identify the pitfalls inherent in the Dashboard data
that mask the achievement of ELs, and more effectively understand the achievement and
statues of their Els.

Dual Language Pedagogy Institute for Elementary Teachers

Dates | 1/10, 2/7, & 5/17/23

Time | 3:15 - 5:15 p.m.

Register here​ - website

Download flyer here​​​​ - pdf​ 

Creating an inclusive, linguistically, and culturally affirming dual language classroom community is a central priority for effectively serving English learners. The Elementary Dual Language Pedagogy Institute for Elementary Teachers is designed to develop the foundation and strategies that teachers need in order to implement effective,transformative, and sustainable dual language programs. Based on a new chapter written by Dr. Laurie Olsen from the recently released CDE book Improving Multilingual and English Learner Education: from Research to Practice, the four institute sessions will provide bilingual teachers with specific skills and strategies for:

● grounding their work in bilingual pedagogy,

● strategically coordinating authentic literacy instruction,

● facilitating learning that capitalizes on cross language connections and the power of the bilingual brain, and

● leveraging their students and families cultural and linguistic assets.​

Elementary English Learner Roadmap 101 Family

Date | 1/26/23

Time | 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Register here​ - website

Download flyer here​ - pdf

Families play a crucial role in the success of their children's academics. Ensuring they are informed about the English Learner Roadmap policy will serve as an important bridge to foster stronger school relationships, personal investment, and robust implementation of the English Learner Roadmap policy. In this session, district and/or site personnel will be prepared to deliver English Learner Roadmap workshops to their families. The workshop being shared is:

● Introduction to the English Learner Roadmap for Families

● Raising Bilingual Children

● Interactive Read Alouds

● Telling Our Stories

All print and media resources will be provided so district and/or site personnel are able to empower families to support schools in centralizing the needs of English Learners.

​Leveraging Elementary Academic - Text to Deepen Language Proficiency

Date | 3/8/23

Time | 3:15 - 5:15 p.m.

Register here​ - website

Download flyer here​ - pdf

How can elementary teachers leverage academic texts to deepen their Englishlearner’s language proficiency? This two-hour webinar, with embedded pre-session work and follow-up application, will equip teachers to select high quality mentor texts in order to build students’ ability to effectively express themselves in written and oral formats. Teachers will learn how to guide their students to effectively make meaning by analyzing texts and text excerpts for critical text features. Then, through whole group integrated ELD and small group designated ELD, students practice and incorporate these sophisticated language structures into their repertoire, thereby increasing proficiency in English. Through the process, English learners develop critical skills to engage with and produce academic language and texts, to both leverage linguistic strengths and address needs.