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Parent FAQs


Where can I find a copy of your School Accountability Report Card?

Please click the following links to view and/or download:                                                       

2014-15 SARC (English version).pdf2014-15 SARC (English version).pdf 2014-15 SARC (Spanish version).pdf2014-15 SARC (Spanish version).pdf

How can I get a copy?

Contact Fischer School Program Administrator, Kirk Anderson at (714) 935-7651, to have one mailed to you.

Are Fischer AU court schools Accredited?

Yes! Fischer AU is WASC accredited and is frequently acknowledged as one of the best juvenile hall and court school programs in the United States.


Will my child be placed in the right classes? 

Yes, Fischer AU's Student Records Technicians and Transition staff members re​qu​est transcripts from the school of residence, perform credit checks, and ensure that each student is enrolled in coursework that allow for continued progress towards a diploma.  


transition counselor completing student grad check 


Do Fischer AU court schools have graduations?​

Graduation ceremonies are usually held on a quarterly basis and parents and family are invited to attend. 

a mother hugs her son at a fischer graduation

Do the diplomas say Juvenile Hall?

No, they do not. The diplomas are granted by the Orange County Department of Education and make no mention of Juvenile Hall or court school on the document. ​​

an access/court school diploma

What are the classrooms like at Juvenile Hall?

Here is an English and Social Science classroom at Otto Fischer school. Most classroom sizes run about 17 students. Most classes are equipped with computers, overhead LCD projectors, and other technology which greatly enhance traditional classroom teaching and learning, thereby affording all students the opportunity to make great strides in learning. ​

 ​​​​typical classroom at fischer


Are the Fischer AU teachers highly qualified?

The majority of teachers within Fischer AU are highly qualified and instruct students in accordance with their credentialing.  Should a teacher need to acquire additional credentials, federal funds are available for teachers to participate in the Verification Process for Specialized Settings (VPSS) which allows them to become highly qualified in the areas of English Language Arts, Math, and Science within alternative education programs.  The ACCESS Human Resource Unit closely monitors the progress of teachers towards reaching Highly Qualified status. ​


Do students have access to computers?

Yes. Most classrooms have computers dedicated to student use as well as multiple computer labs for students on the various campuses.

student computers in a typical classroom

Does Fischer AU offer a GED program?

GED Preparation classes are offered to students who are 17 or older, behind in credits, and proficient in reading.  The GED test is given once a month on site at Fischer School.


How do I Obtain an Official Transcript?

They are available ONLY through the Attendance and Records Office. 

1669 East Wilshire Avenue

Suites 601-602

Santa Ana, Ca 92705