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Frequently Asked Questions


Are ACCESS Juvenile Hall (AJH) school programs accredited? 

Yes! AJH is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Are the teachers qualified?

Yes! All teachers within AJH are highly qualified and instruct students in accordance with their credentialing.  The OCDE Human Resource division closely monitors teacher assignments. 

What are the classrooms like at AJH?

The average classroom size in AJH is approximately 10-12 students. Classrooms​ are equipped with computers, smartboards, and other technology which greatly enhances traditional classroom teaching and learning, thereby affording all students the opportunity to make great strides in their academic progress.

Will my child be placed in the right classes? 

Yes! AJH Student Records Technicians and the School Counselor request and review transcripts from the school of residence, perform credit checks, and ensure that each student is enrolled in coursework that allow for continued progress towards a diploma. 

Do students have access to computers?

Yes! Most classrooms have computers dedicated to student use as well as multiple computer labs for students on the various campuses. Students have limited and supervised access to the internet.  

Can students earn a diploma from AJH?

Yes! Students may complete coursework needed to earn a high school diploma while enrolled. The diploma will list the Orange County Department of Education as the issuing institution. 

​​​Does AJH offer HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) testing?

HiSET preparation is offered to eligible students who are 17 or older and completed fewer than 100 high school credits. 

​​​Are AJH students eligible for a graduation exemption? 

​​Identified students may be offered the option of a graduation exemption which reduces the number of credits required to graduate from 220 to 130. For additional information​, contact the AJH School Counselor. 

Are there post secondary education options available for students who have graduated but remain in the facility? 

​​Yes. The Orange County Probation Department partners with local community colleges and OCDE programs to provide educational opportunities to enhance the college and career readiness of graduates in the institutions​. 

​​​How do I obtain an Official Transcript?

Official transcripts are available only through the ACCESS Attendance and Records Office:
1669 East Wilshire Avenue
Suites 601-602
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 547-9972