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(Video transcript - English)
(Video transcript - Spanish)​

​​photograph of otto fischer school at orange county juvenile hall​​​Fischer Administrative Unit  includes the Juvenile Court Schools: ​​Otto A. Fischer  |  Rio Contiguo  |  Joplin  | Santa Ana Detention Center  |  ACP  |  YRC-North  |  YRC-Central  |  YLA  | Skyview | and Social Services Placement at Orangewood • ​Acknowledged as one of the best correctional education programs in the United States • Back-to-back 6-year WASC accreditations • Highly Qualified teachers • After-school programs • Character-Based Literature courses • High School Diploma and GED programs • English Language Learner Classes • Arts Program • Physical Education & Fitness​ Program • Extended Day Tutoring • Academic and Career Counseling and Transition • Special Education Support • Library and Mobile Library Book Cart Programs

2016-17 Notificacion Anual Procedimiento Uniforme para Presentar Quejas para Padres y Estudiantes- Spanish.pdf 














































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