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​​Rio Contiguo school program, located within Youth Guidance Center

​Orange County Department of Education provides an academic program and school setting for juvenile offenders completing substance abuse treatment at Youth Guidance Center.   

Students at Rio Contiguo are taught within a school setting, under the supervision of Orange County Department of Education ACCESS teachers, with the support of Orange County Probation staff. The school day has a minimum of 240 minutes of class time. Students rotate classes and meet with multiple teachers and classmates.  Rio Contiguo students have supervised access to a school library, outside physical​ education class, one on one academic support from Paraeducators and mental health services. 

Santa Ana, CA 92706
Phone (714) 836-2700​​ 

Transition Specialists 

Brenda Angeles, Title I​ Senior Transition Specialist

Rio Contiguo 
(714) 836-2754

Jhoanny Sanchez, Title I Transition Specialist
Rio Contiguo 
(714) 836-2756 

​​​Family Community Liaisons

Maria Pedroza, Title I Family Community Liaison 
Rio Contiguo 
(714) 836-2774

School Counselor ​

Patricia Tejeda
Rio Contiguo school program

(714) 935-7652

​Additional R​esources​ 

Student Transition for Education and Parent Particpation 

Orange County Probation Information for Rio Contiguo​