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Student Transition Education & Parent Participation

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What is STEPP?

Student Transition for Education and Parent Participation (STEPP) is a collaborative team made up of Title I Program Transition Specialist and Family Community Liaisons. By having a designated center, this team provides individualized and quality support to students and their guardians.   

A request for su​pport services from STEPP can be fulfilled by a self referral, a teacher or site staff  referral or administrative​ referral.  For additional questions or parent support, please see the contact list below.  

What role does the STEPP Center play in student success? 

  • Our STEPP Center is designed to help students develop positive attitudes toward themselves, family and community
  • We provide assistance to students individually and in groups to grow personally, socially and prepare for transition
  • Teach students skills for achieving academic and personal success
  • Assist students in becoming invested in their school success by demonstration how school performance relates to and affects future opportunities
  • Work closely with students, parents, teachers and support staff to remove barriers that impede student performance and achievement
  • ​​Support the instructional program as well as Orange County Department of Education's and the school's mission and goals   

​​​The STEPP Center supports the Orange County Department of Education ACCESS school mission by: 

  • ​Collaborating with students by providing academic support services, college​ and career planning, transition programs, and personal/social support.   ​
  • We collaborate with parents through our referral process to provide academic planning and support as well as community resource referrals.  
  • STEPP works closely with teachers to provide student interventions and classroom guidance lessons. 
  • By collaborating with school administrators, we are able to provide academic support interventions to our students, address school wide needs and share data to improve and analyze our programs.  
  • We proudly work with local community agencies to develop work based learning opportunities for our students along with career education.  Working closely with our local community agencies help us provide crisis interventions to our students and their families as well as referrals for additional support. 

Contact STEPP 

Sherine Solano, Title I Senior Transition Specialist
Student last names A-L

Janis Servin, Title I Senior Transition Specialist
Student last names M-Z
Patricia Tejeda, Counselor 
Adriana Schisler, Title I Family Community Liaison

STEPP Resources

Transition Program Open House Presentation.pdf​ 

​2020-21 Family Engagement Policies

2020-21 ACCESS Juvenile Hall Schools Family Engagement Policy
2020-21 LEA Family Engagement Policy
Parent-Pupil Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (English)
Parent-Pupil Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (Spanish)