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Description of School Services

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Students who attend ACCESS Juvenile Hall (AJH) school programs receive a wide variety of support services ranging from individual tutoring to mental health services.  Services within each school program may vary based on our collaborative partners (probation and social services) site and safety policies.   


Support Staff 

Academic Support Assistants

​Title I Academic Support Assistants are available to work one on one with students. They focus on advanced or remedial skills, provide individualized assessments and set student goals. Title I Academic Support Assistants incorporate a wide variety of engaging activities to help students fully engage in their academics.

English Learner (EL) Services ​

​The EL Services team at ACCESS has two primary goals: to ensure English Learners ac​hieve proficiency in English and learn academic English necessary for school, career, and life success. Students have the opportunity to work individually with Academic Support Assistants to meet these goals. For more information, visit ACCESS English Learner (EL) Services.  

​Enrollment Technicians

Enrollment Technicians process and update student transcripts from their school of origin to ensure a smooth transition of class credits and appropriate class placement. 

Family Community Liaisons

​​Title I Programs Family Community Liaisons work closely with our student's parents or guardians to bridge the gap between the school and home. ​Family Community Liaisons plan special family events, back to school nights, provide resources to families, and provide parents and guardians with student updates. 

Mental Health Services

Orange County Department of Education clinician team is available to assist any student with their mental health needs, as well as crisis response and drug prevention presentations.


Our Paraeducators provide support to teachers as well as one on one instruction to students throughout the school day. Para Educators have the opportunity to work with students on advanced or remedial academic skills. 

Small Class Size

All of our court schools have highly qualified teachers and a small school site which allows students to receive individualized attention. 

Special Education Services

Special education staff provides continued services to students with IEPs and other special accommodations.  For additional information regarding special education services provided to our students, please visit Orange County Department of Education ACCESS Special Education.

Student Transition for Education and Parent Participation (STEPP)​

Student Transition for Education and Parent Participation (STEPP) is a collaborative team made up of Title I Program Transition Specialist and Family Community Liaisons. By having a designated center, this team provides individualized and quality support to students and their guardians. To contact STEPP and for additional information, please visit Student Transition for Education and Parent Participation

Transition Specialist

Title I Transition Specialist works with older students to create a transition plan. Transition plans include next steps for enrollment outside of Court Schools, job skills planning, college enrollment, campus tours  and more. ​

School Programs

Art Class

​Art classes give our students the opportunity to discover their artistic talent. Students have the chance to incorporate poetry, music and art materials into different assignments. Student work has been displayed in the halls of The Orange County Department of Education's main offices and showcased during staff development events.  Additional information about OCDE Juvenile Court School's art programs is shown in the video below. For more information visit, Painting Their Own Path​

Career Success Week

Career Success Week is a unique program that is available to our youth annually.  Students are chosen by their teachers to participate in a series of workshops that include mock job interviews, goal-setting exercises and tips on how to maintain a professional image, along with information on post-secondary educational options and potential career paths. Students who complete the week long program can participate in a field trip to Working Wardrobes, where they are treated to a professional outfit suitable for job interviews. For more information, visit Career Success Week .

​Community College Enrollment

The Orange County Probation Department partners with local community colleges and OCDE programs to provide educational opportunities to enhance the college and career readiness of graduates in the institutions​. 

Field Trips

Some of our students have the opportunity to participate in local field trips that support their classroom curriculum. Field trips have included college tours and job readiness workshops. 


Graduating high school is a huge accomplishment that we believe should be celebrated. Graduations are held at each of our ACCESS Juvenile Hall school programs. Students are given the opportunity to receive their diplomas and speak  about their support systems to reflect and celebrate their academic journey.

Hands On Science

Workshops are provided for students to experience science through hands-on activities, experiments, and projects with professionals in the field of science.  

Library Services

Each of our ACCESS court schools is equipped with a library available for student use. Library size varies at each site, but every library offers a variety of books, monthly themed activities, and educational resources. Libraries are staffed by Degreed Librarians or Library Technicians. In the event a youth cannot visit the library, a library cart is offered regularly to students in their living units. Many students find an unknown love for recreational reading while housed at our juvenile facilities. 

Lyon School has a unique partnership with Orange County Public Libraries and has a private library branch located at Orangewood Children and Family Center for Lyon students.

Outdoor Education 

Otto A. Fischer students participate in daily outdoor physical education class which include exercise equipment, football or soccer games and cardio exercises. 

Lyon students participate in physical education classes and use the facilities provided by Orangewood Children & Family Home which include: playground, basketball courts, sports field, exercise equipment, ind​o​or basketball court, and indoor gym. ​ 

Summer at the Center 

​Through a partnership between the Orange County Department of Education, the Orange County Probation Department, and the world-renowned Segerstrom Center for the Arts, students from selected AJH locations are able to apply to participate in a two-week theater arts program focused on character-building, self-expression, and teamwork. For additional information​ and videos from Summer at the Center, please visit OCDE Summer at the Center. 

​Woodshop Class

​​Students at Otto A. Fischer School have the opportunity to take woodshop as an elective class. Students are able to develop life skills by working in the woodshop and feel a sense of pride after every completed project. 

Workshops for Parents

Workshops are provided in English and Spanish for parents of students in Orange County Probation facilities to empower families with tools and strategies for improving their relationships with their children and encouraging student academic achievement​.