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​​​NHD Contest Rules.jpg

​National History Day - OC rules align with those of the National History Day program. The following rules apply to every category:

  • Entries must r​elate clearly to the annual them and explain the topic's significance in history.
  • Students may participate in the research, preparation, and presentation of only one entry each year.
  • ​A paper, individual exhibit, individual performance, individual website, individual documentary, or individual poster must be the work of only one student.
  • A group exhibit, group performance, group website, group documentary, or group poster must be the work of 2-5 students.
  • Students are responsible for the research, design, and creation of their own entry.
  • Written materials are required with all entries. 

For a detailed listing and explanation of NHD rules, please review the following:

​                     NHD Contest Guide.png            ​NHD Rules English.jpg   
                                                                                                     Spanish Version of Contest Rule Book  

NHD-CA Rules.png