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Before you get started, take a look at the following resources to guide your research and prepare your own entry. You will find information regarding selecting a topic, examples of annotated bibliographies and process papers, and more.

Selecting a Topic

Once you have an understanding of the theme, your next step in the National History Day process is to choose a topic. Student entries may address any local, state, national, international, or global topic of interest that connects to the theme. You will be working on this project for many months, so make sure you select a topic that interests you. 

The topic should be narrow and researchable. A topic such as propaganda is far too large. Instead, you should choose an aspect of propaganda, for example, how dictators use propaganda to implement policy.

Need ideas for a topic? Please peruse the resources below for topic ideas:

In order to prepare your National History Day project, you will need to develop research skills. Below are several resources to help you get started.

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      NHD Research Guide for Students.jpg NHD Research Historical Argument.jpg 

Looking for guidance on how you may use (and may not use) AI tools when creating an NHD Project?
Please note: This is guidance as of September 2023. NHD will continue to update the guidance as the research and technology develops.