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Judge Information


NHD-OC relies on caring adults to evaluate and comment on student entries. Judges determine which entries will represent Orange County at the National History Day - California state finals competition. Many teachers who are considering an NHD-OC program begin as judges which provide an opportunity to see what culminating projects look like and how entries are judged. Judges include undergraduate and graduate college students (some are former competitors), professors, archivists, historians, museum curators, educators, and those who enjoy history and supporting students. Judging is a crucial part of the NHD competition. Each participating school is required to provide at least 3 volunteer judges. Experienced judges describe the process as the best way to understand the NHD program, so coaches can benefit from the judging process. Judging enables you to assist your students effectively as they develop their entries for the competition. Having enough judges also provides students with well-rounded feedback and smaller heats.

What Is My Judging Commitment?

A judging session typically requires a minimum of 5 hours. This includes an orientation followed by an examination of student work, student interviews, and determining the top entries you and your fellow judges have reviewed.

Judges who review Historical Paper, Documentary, Podcast, and Website entries will preview the entries before that NHD-OC contest.

If this is the first time you have judged, NHD-OC highly recommends that you attend the NHD-OC Judge Training Webinar on March 1, 2023.

How Do I Sign Up?

Complete the Judge Registration form.​​ Register to be a Judge for the 2022 NHD-OC Contest on Friday, March 10, 2023, and Saturday, March 11, 2023. Please be sure to press "Submit" when you are finished to ensure your registration is complete. 

How Can I Learn More?

For a quick overview of the role of Judging, review the pdf NHD-OC Judge Information Sheet.

To learn more about the role of Judging, review the pdf NHD-OC Handbook​​.

Summary of Significant Rules Changes 2021 pdf file, review the pdf NHD-CA Rulebook and NHD-CA Podcast & Poster​ Rulebook to learn more about NHD-OC this year's theme, the annotated bibliography, rules for each entry category, and more.

We thank you in advance for registering to become a judge, we hope you'll consider the time and effort you invest to be worthwhile.


Please e-mail us at for more information.​​