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Your most important responsibility is to mentor and support your students and assist them as they create their entry projects. Review and edit the written materials, ensuring students follow the rules for entry. In order to help students prepare for the competition, review the NHD-CA Handbook and coach students for their interview.​ 

Visit the Contest Rules page for additional guidane and information.

Entr​ies per category.

Schools may enter two (2) entries per category, per division. 

Note: Junior and Senior Division do not refer to grade levels.

Entry Divisions:​

  1. ​Elementary Division: 4-5 grades
  2. Junior Division: 6-8 grades
  3. Senior Division: 9-12 grades

E​​​​​​​ntry Categories:​

  1. Individual Poster (grades 4-5 only)
  2. Group Poster (grades 4-5 only)
  3. Individual Podcast ​
  4. Group Podcast​ 
  5. Individual Historical Paper
  6. Individual Documentary
  7. Group Documentary
  8. Individual Exhibit
  9. Group Exhibit
  10. Individual Performance
  11. Group Performance
  12. Individual Website
  13. Group Website​​​



Teachers, take a look at the 2023 NHD Teacher's Introduction video:



For tips on helping your students select a topic and conduct research, please visit the Project Resources​ page.

Ask an NEH Expert

NHD has posted new videos in conjunction with the National Endowment, "Ask an NEH Expert" series, focused on skills that can apply for ANY NHD project category. They just posted the first three videos in this new series - one on building a historical argument, one on validating sources, and one on writing and editing tips.

Please share this link​​ website with your students as they prepare for upcoming contests (or revise to advance to the next level).


Please e-mail us at​ for more information.​