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Charter School Oversight

​​​The Orange County Department of Education is committed to transparency in its oversight practices and encourages charter schools to communicate with their assigned charter school coordinator to discuss concerns, ask questions and receive ongoing feedback. 

After a charter school petition is approved by the Orange County Board of Education, the Charter Schools Unit works with the school's administration to monitor school performance in accordance with state and federal law, Orange County Board of Education policy, the applicable Agreement (MOU) and the school's charter.

Charter school oversight encompasses the following categories:

  1. Student achievement and educational performance
  2. Governance and organizational management
  3. Fiscal operations
  4. Fulfillment of the school's charter petition
Orange County Department of Education Charter Schools Unit (CSU) conducts regularly scheduled and unscheduled site visits. CSU staff monitor all charter school governing board meetings via board meeting audio/video and in person meeting attendance. CSU  annually conducts at least one scheduled charter school site visit that includes classroom observations, teacher and staff interviews and pupil record reviews. Additionally, CSU staff reviews the charter school's​ written documents, reports and policies; conducts LCAP review; monitors teacher credentials and assignments;  and assesses and monitors the schools fiscal operations.