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Charter School Renewal

​The Orange County Board of Education may grant one or more subsequent renewals to a charter school pusuant to Education Code section 47607 and 47607.2 and shall consider the school’s fiscal and governance performance and whether the school is serving all pupils who wish to attend. The performance of the charter school on the state and local indicators included in the California School Dashboard shall also be considered. The California Department of Education annually publishes a data file​ that provides the performance categories for all non-DASS charter schools to be used for charter school renewal.  ​

The Charter Schools Unit is responsible for facilitating the charter school petition sub​mission​ and review process by:

  1. ​​​​​Organizi​​ng a multi-disciplinary team to review the charter petition

  2. Providing recommendations, including recommended findings, to the Orange County Board of Education

  3. Answering questions petitioners may have regarding the appeal process ​​​

​The links below offer information on the renewal process.​