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Public Notices

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Under Education Code sections 47605(b) and 47605.6(b), Orange County Department of Education staff recommendations, including the recommended findings and, if applicable, the certification from the County Superintendent of Schools prepared according to Education Code section 47605(c)(8), shall be published 15 days before the public hearing at which the Orange County Board of Education will take action to either grant or deny the charter petition.​​​



06/18/2024 - Orange County Classical Academy (Material Revision)

06/18/2024 - Ednovate-OC College Prep(Countywide)

04/16/2024 - ​Magnolia Science Academy Orange County (Countywide)

02/20/2024 - Orange County Academy of Sciences and Arts III (Countywide)

11/21/2023 - California Republic Leadership Academy Yorba Linda​ (Appeal)

07/18/2023 - Sycamore Creek Community​ Charter School II (Countywide)


05/23/2023 - Vista Heritage Global Academy (Material Revision)

02/14/2023 - Irvine International Academy (Material Revision)

02/14/2023 - Sycamore Creek Community Charter School (Material Revision)

01/17/2​023 - ​California​ Republic Leadership Academy Capistrano (Appeal)

01/17/2023 - Oxford Preparatory Academy-Saddleback Valley (Material Revision)

09/20/2022 - Oxford Preparatory Academy Middle​ School (Appeal)


​06/21/2022 - Explore Academy (Material Revision)​

05/17/2022 - Vista Meridian Global Academy (Countywide) 

01/18/2022 - Orange County Classical Academy II​ (Countywide)​

01/18/2022 - Oxford Preparatory Academy-Saddleback Valley (Material Revision)

09/21/2021 - Exp​lore Academy​ (Countywide)​

09/21/2021 - Scholarship Prep (Material Revision)​