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Charter School Resources

​​The Orange County Department of Education's Legal Services published the Charter Schools Workbook​ to provide information about charter schools in Orange County.

California Charter School Frequently Asked Questions

Questions commonly asked about charter schools and answers from the California Department of Education.

California Charter School General Information​

Information on how to start a charter school from the California Department of Education, including applications to obtain a Charter School Number, and County-District-School (CDS) code.

California Charter School Laws, Regulations, and Policies 

State and federal legislation, laws and regulations, and policy guidance for charter schools.

California Charter School Locator

Searchable directories that include a list of charter schools, school addresses, and funding models.

California Charter School Support and Advocacy​

Statewide and national organizations where charter developers, operators, and the general public can obtain information.

California Charter Schools Association (CCSA)

A non-profit, non-partisan association of charter school teachers, administrators, parents, and other charter school supporters that is focused on advocacy, leadership, and quality. 

Charter School Development Center (CSDC)

Provides technical assistance, training, and resources to charter developers, operators, and charter-granting agencies.